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Category: Film and TV News

Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ Wants To Play Squirrel Girl

Netflix/Marvel If you’ve watched Stranger Things (if not, WHY HAVE YOU NOT WATCHED STRANGER THINGS?), there is a good chance…

Obama Pens Powerful Essay on Feminism: ‘When Everybody Is Equal, We Are All More Free’

President Barack Obama opened up about feminism and fighting gender stereotypes in a new essay published on Thursday. “The progress…

Poll Whiplash: Donald Trump Is Having a Really, Really Bad Week

If Donald Trump were the New York Stock Exchange, this is the moment you’d be advised to sell, sell, sell….

Instagram Pulled Into Debate Over Police Violence After Maryland Killing

Korryn Gaines was fatally shot in her home on Monday after being egged on by her Instagram followers to defy…

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