French halal supermarket told to sell alcohol and pork, or face closure

Halal food is prepared in accordance with Islamic law, defined by the Koran.


Halal food is prepared in accordance with Islamic law, defined by the Koran.

French authorities are threatening to shut down a halal supermarket if it doesn’t start selling pork and alcohol.

“Halal” describes food and drink that Muslims are able to eat under Islamic law, and refers to what is allowed as well as how food is prepared.

Under Islamic law, Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol or eat pork.

The Telegraph reported Good Price discount mini market in Colombes, Paris has been told by its landlord, the local housing authority, that it was not following the conditions of its lease.

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The lease stated the shop must act as a “general food store”, and the authority argued the local community was not being served well without alcohol and pork products in the store.

Good Price replaced another small, regular supermarket last year.

Colombes mayor chief of staff Jerome Besnard told The Telegraph that locals had complained they could no longer get a full range of products at Good Price and had to travel elsewhere to do their shopping.

“We want a social mix. We don’t want any area that is only Muslim or any area where there are no Muslims,” Besnard told The Telegraph.

He said the reaction would have been the same had the shop served kosher food, which conforms to Jewish dietary law.

The housing authority has taken legal action to end the lease, which is meant to run until 2019.

Soulemane Yalcin, who runs the shop under franchise, said he was meeting the demands of customers in the area.

“I look around me and I target what I see. The lease states ‘general food store and related activities’ – but it all depends on how you interpret ‘related activities’,” he told Le Parisien newspaper.

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First published: August 5, 2016 at 02:06AM.
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